False ceilings profiles: visible or hidden?

False ceilings allow, according to the installation and the characteristics of the selected panel:

  • An improvement of thermal and acoustic insulation
  • An improvement of resistance to humidity: important in areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms and kitchens with lots of humidity and water vapor
  • Decorative variety: its function could be simply decoration due to great variety of finishes (colours, wood, metallic, etc.)

To the installation of any false ceiling, whatever it is the selected material, a metallic structure anchored to the original roof of the work is taken down to the required distance. This metal structure varies depending on the type of roof selected and, in particular, there are two standard systems: visible false ceilings profiles and hidden false ceilings profiles

Visible profiles

Profiles that, as its name indicates, are visible and part of the aesthetic set of the false ceiling. The panels are housed in the grid structure formed by these profiles being simply supported. In THU we manufacture the standardized models T24 and T15, to the installation of our Modena and Parma models respectively. In addition, we offer to our clients another decorative variant: the range called T-Decor.

Hidden profiles

In this system, unlike the previously mentioned, the fastening profiles of the false ceiling is concealed. It does not provide aesthetic load and acts only structurally. These profiles are used for the installation of our metallic panels Sicilia Clip-in and Murano.

The main advantage of this system is the robustness it grants to the false ceiling. The panels are anchored to the profile and their possible movement is very limited.

In addition, being profiles that do not conform a grid on which the panels are settle, allow to combine plaques of different dimensions forming very decorative false ceilings.


Whatever option you choose, visible or hidden false ceilings profiles, keep in mind these tips so your project lives up to your expectations.


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